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The American Society of Legal Engineers

Applying scientific thinking, technology and ethics to the legal ecosystem

What is a Legal Engineer?

Legal Engineers apply a scientific approach to solving problems in law:

  • Education - Teaching technical skills to lawyers and legal skills to scientists.
  • Practice - Improving speed and efficiency of legal service delivery and legal operations.
  • Courts - Enhancing the judicial process, access to justice, and legal analytics.
  • Regulation - Enabling government regulators to communicate and collaborate with the public using technology.


Are Legal Engineers licensed?

Legal Engineering is an emerging field and is not yet licensed. The ALSE exists to bring like-minded scientists and lawyers together to advocate for Legal Engineering to become a recognized professional pursuit.

What do Legal Engineers do?

Legal Engineers design systems that help the law work better, while ensuring their work benefits society overall. See Technical Areas and Ethics for more information.

Can Legal Engineers practice law?

No. Only a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree from an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school allows one to practice law and represent clients (restrictions vary by state). Legal engineers work with lawyers and legal service providers to make the law work better.

Why should I hire or work with Legal Engineers?

Legal Engineers understand how to combine technology with law, and the consequences that may result. All professional engineers are bound to a strict code of Ethics that dictates how engineers work with their colleagues, and also how their work affects society as a whole.

Am I eligible for membership? How do I apply?

Go to our Membership & Donate page for more information.

I want to hire a Legal Engineer, or post a job.

As a service to our members, we will be happy to post your job. Submit here.

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